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Spring Has Come

Episode 3

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    Spring Has Come: Episode 3
    Jan. 27, 2018

    Spring Has Come season 1

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    • MamaDramaFebruary 4, 2018Reply

      Ep.#3 LMAO so Kdrama managed to add another debt collectors story line even in Japan okay then. He seems cool ended up in debt betting on the spread from the magazine to clear it up. That crashed, and then she came to rescue him. Her parents are livid, but I’m sure the way they’ll be okay with this. Is if he calls that her high way robbery ooppss I mean dowry, and the two get married, seems like he eventually returns to Korea, so did he just up, and desert her then? So the Father’s cross dressing is it due to him just letting an alternate personality let go, and enjoy women’s clothes? Is he actually hiding he’s Trans. and this is yet another show pushing the HollyWeird Pansexual/Trans. agenda here? LMAO when he peeped his head from behind that camera is too funny. His FIL to be looks shocked enough to have a heart attack. So he claims he enjoys cross dressing as way to escape, and become somebody new. He’s not into men, or even Trans. he’s just enjoying the freedom that comes from escaping life’s mess, when he puts on a dress. So the Father had taken what lil bit of money they had left after she gave her savings to this stranger. So what was he planning to do run away, and pretend live his life as a woman, no longer coming home to them. Did he freak out, because his wife found his his panties lying about? Oh no their Father didn’t take their money she was talking about her friends Father. His name when he’s her is Katherine, which we all know is from Bruce Jenner since this was his name change once he supposedly transitioned. His daughter maybe able to understand, but I’m not so sure his wife is going to be cool with his alternate life. Now would be a time to let love lead, you shouldn’t even want to force someone to be untrue to whom they desire to be. I really don’t feel he’s scamming her honestly, he just doesn’t come off as someone that would do that. Her lil fast ass hopefully learned the reality of the dangers of hoing. If she decides she wants to make something of her life, it won’t come about from her tricking, and tramping. She better come up with an actual plan to make something happen.

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