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Spring Has Come

Episode 4

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    Spring Has Come: Episode 4
    Feb. 03, 2018

    Spring Has Come season 1

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    • MamaDramaFebruary 4, 2018Reply

      Ep.#4 Her lil Sister is really just pissed off at herself, and she’s spouting all her self hatred at everyone else. When she’s the one that signed up to be a lil whore. That’s a path she decided to take, so she needs to learn to deal with her own situation. She can’t stand how their living, but she’s never going to amount to anything besides a loose piece of ass. If she doesn’t give up the delusion that she can accomplish anything worthy, by laying on her back. LOL oh so where all that raw raw go? You real silent now that everybody know, your pretending to be Ms. Too Good for Life lil ass is nothing more than a closet Ho. You was steady talking all that shit, but quiet as mouse, once it’s revealed that for a price you was down to have some dck in ya lips. Love the festival, and all the beautiful Kimonos. It’s so out there that I’m not sure if the Dad was mad due to his woman getting her ass grabbed, or jealous because he wasn’t dressed up as she. So he didn’t get a chance to entrance the ass grabby? The more confused I become, the more I know for sure. I’d rather leave that information as need to know, and I don’t. So they’ve returned his passport, and now he’s free to travel once more. It seems like when he leaves it’s done in a shady way, but he’s not a shady type of guy. So I wonder just what circumstances caused it. Their being quite delusional Mom’s hearing wedding bells ring, but when he was asked about all that. He didn’t look even the least bit interested, and kept it real by pleading the 5th, and not even giving an answer to it. Honestly just being real why would he want to marry, when he hasn’t even staked out a life for himself? Due to their views on her age she might be in a rush, and stuff. Still he at the stage of making a way, and creating his dreams not marrying. Now maybe later that could be a possibility, but even then that’s something left to be seen. He seems bound to travel the world, in which he’ll encounter numerous girls. Some will even be like this chic, and give it up quick. He’s young so it’s to be expected. Not every relationship needs to end in marriage, they had a fun, intimate, companionship. He gained a bit from her financial sponsorship, but she also enjoyed having him around for a bit. Her family also was greatly assisted by his presence. So tho it’s not right how he swept thru to grasp that cash like a thief in the night. He didn’t rob them, or lie he left it up to them to decide. From what we see so far I’d say it was money well spent. Who knows once he achieves his goals he may even return their initial investment in him back to them. Whoa so he didn’t steal anything he just paid it all back to her in fact. Now he must be about to get ready to leave, they’ll all be devastated, but they’ll still have some spectacular memories. I mean they’ve shared so much more than most actual families. ROTMFFLMAO that’s right girl hop that plane, and take your ass over to Korea to find that man. Let it be known no motha sucka I’ma need what you call some closure before you take your bitch ass back home. You sat here lit a fire, that engulfed me in it’s flames. So I don’t want to hear no beautiful goodbye lies, then you up, and disappear right before my eyes. I ain’t paid for no fckin magic show, so your ass should’ve had much more respect for me before you let me go. You gone now, but I’m bout to be up in this bitch just to let you know!

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